Water Well Service

TurnKey Wells handles all aspects of servicing your water well. We perform all of the preventative maintenance needed to ensure your water well is in top working condition year round.



Water Well Service in North Texas

Servicing a water well is essential to maintain its functionality and keep the water clean and safe. TurnKey Wells has a team of experts that can service your water well and keep it in good working order for many years. Here are some things to look for when servicing a water well:


Water Quality

Regularly test the water for bacteria, nitrates, and other contaminants. Any change in taste, smell, or color could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.


Pump Performance

Monitor the well’s yield and the pump’s performance. If you notice a decrease in water pressure or if the pump is running constantly, it could indicate a problem with the well or the pump.


Well Cap and Casing

Check the well cap and casing for damage. They should be securely in place and in good condition to prevent contaminants from entering the well.


Visual Inspection

Examine the area around the well for signs of flooding, soil erosion, or other changes that could impact the well’s safety or performance.


Electrical System

The electrical system that powers the pump should be inspected for proper operation and safety. This includes checking the control box, pressure switch, and wiring.


Water Volume

Check the volume of water the well is producing. If it is less than normal, it could be a sign that the well is running dry or there is an issue with the pump or pipes.


System Pressure

The pressure tank, switch, and gauge should be checked for proper operation.


Filters and Treatment Systems

If your well uses any water filters or treatment systems, these should be checked and replaced or serviced as needed.


Pump and Equipment Noise

Unusual noise from the pump or related equipment can be a sign of malfunction or failure.


Well Logs

Keep well logs that record the date of installation, repairs, servicing, water test results, and any other relevant activities. This can provide useful information about the well’s history and performance.


Remember, it’s recommended to have your well checked semi-annually to make sure that everything is working properly and to address any potential issues early.

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